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Startup Rhythm: How Using Lionel Messi Dribbling Principles of Slowing Down Increases Business Speed

If you've ever played sports seriously, you understand the power of rhythm and timing. When I played soccer, my trademark was in the art of dribbling. One of fundamentals of dribbling is to develop a rhythm and pace with the ball at your feet. Brazilians of old, such as Pele and Garrincha, were masters of bringing rhythm to their dribbling style. 

Today's top rhythm player is Lionel Messi—the best football (soccer) player in the world. When Barcelona lost to Bayern Munich a few years ago, Messi was out with an injury. Without Messi there to set the rhythm of the game with his dribbling style, the rest of the team seemed lost on the field. It was an ugly game to watch if you’re a Barcelona fan. The Germans solidly beat Barcelona because they brought their own version of the rhythm.

Rhythm in soccer is understated. Every…


Posted by Damir Perge on June 30, 2016 at 9:00am

Soccerpreneur Chapter 17: Never Give Up

From the upcoming book Soccerpreneur by Damir Perge (Download a PDF of this Chapter)

Chapter 17: Never Give Up

Don’t stop playing until the final whistle blows

Living in America the first few years was difficult for our family. My parents worked hard, but we were not getting even a sliver of the American Dream. Hard work, by itself, just wasn’t paying off. Returning to our parents, after living with our Uncle Lili and Aunt Nada in their luxury apartment in the beautiful city of Austin, my brother and I felt we…


Posted by Damir Perge on June 29, 2016 at 5:00pm

Soccerpreneur Chapter 4: Shine Your Own Shoes

From the upcoming book Soccerpreneur by Damir Perge (Download a PDF of This Chapter)

Chapter 4: Shine Your Own Shoes

The importance of mental preparation—a must for any game you play

When I was in high school I worked repairing roofs, during the hot Texas summers alongside my father and my brother Danny. We’d lived in America for five years and our family was still struggling financially. The American Dream seemed so far away. Danny and…


Posted by Damir Perge on June 29, 2016 at 10:00am

Soccerpreneur: Chapter 3 The Mexican Messi

From the upcoming book Soccerpreneur by Damir Perge (Download a PDF of this Chapter)

Chapter 3: The Mexican Messi

Nothing can stop a passionate heart when you make your mind up

Our family departed Belgrade, Yugoslavia on November 14, 1974 from the Nikola Tesla Airport. I was eleven years old. Twenty hours later, we landed at Chicago O’Hare airport via Dublin, Ireland. Each of us clutched a small carry-on bag. My parents had packed five large suitcases. One bag contained our family’s Yugoslavian crystal ware. Not much luggage for a family of five. Before leaving for America, we sold everything we…


Posted by Damir Perge on June 20, 2016 at 7:30am

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entrepreneurdex is a startup studio utilizing the business models of Hollywood studios while applying the principles from complexity science—to start, launch, accelerate and scale startups and growing businesses. Entrepreneurdex optimizes startup formation, launch and investing by applying the science from natural ecosystems, complexity theory, swarm intelligence, and natural selection to minimize risk and maximize ROI.

This unique structure and business model delivers: (1) Startup risk reduction utilizing the scientific method, combined with the Hollywood style of developing, producing and marketing feature films; (2) Better, faster investment decisions; (3) Reduced risk through “complexity investing” (4) Increased returns through active support and guidance of portfolio companies, using swarm intelligence and financial leverage though milestone-based proprietary analysis of the startup’s lifecycle.


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