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How to have your article featured on entrepreneurdex

We like to feature the latest information, discussions and posts from our members. Connecting members to each other and information is the goal. Each post is reviewed to ensure that it is an actual post.

Posts that are simply a sentence or short paragraph with a "Read More" or "Continue Reading" link back to your blog will not be featured. However, we always encourage you to link back to your blog via your posts on entrepreneurdex.

Always invite the reader back to your blog.

Only entire blog posts will be featured and displayed on the entrepreneurdex main page. If you copy and paste the post from your personal blog, please change some of the text... including the sentence "Originally posted on ________."

If you do not do this, Google will see this as duplicate content.

Entries that are simply a link or sentence stating "check out my new post" or similar, will not be featured.

If you want your blog to appear on the front page, make sure it is a damn good one. Make sure there are no typos, it is edited and edited well. We will post your blog article if we feel it has high educational value to other members.

If you haven't already joined entrepreneurdex, then please join us now. Once you are a member you can simply post your article as a blog post on your profile page. Email editor (at) entrepreneurdex.com if you have any questions.


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