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Damir Perge: Speaker

Damir Perge likes to speak to organizations about entrepreneurship. He is obsessed with innovation and loves speaking to companies, from Startup to Fortune 1000, about how innovation can drive their business into the future. Damirdamir perge amazon entrepreneurdex loves to speak and inspire others in their own startups and growing businesses. He is very comfortable with large audiences, and two things separate him from other speakers:

  • He is a businessperson who happens to speak, rather than a "motivational speaker,"  “professional speaker,” or a “guru.”
  • He customizes each speech for the audience. He needs one face-to-face or virtual meeting before the event to insure he does his best. A good speech requires knowing your business.

These are some of Damir's favorite subjects of discussion:

  • How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Starting and Growing Your Business. He can help entrepreneurs from seed to hyper growth stages of the company life cycle reveal and dispel the entrepreneur myths that can prevent entrepreneurs from reaching their full potential of success and growth. Damir's 25 years of experience taught him valuable lessons while investing into more than 25 startups and growing companies. Based on Entrepreneur Myths: The Startup Reality.
  • Funthusiasm. This speech illustrates how to incorporate fun and enthusiasm in any workplace. This speech is ideal for startups and Fortune 1000 companies wanting to inspire their employees to maximum performance. Based on Entreprenetics: The Psychology of the Entrepreneur Mind.
  • Inspirovation: When inspiration meets innovation. This speech demonstrates how to use anything and everything around you to trigger your mind to develop disruptive innovations in your business. This speech is for companies of all sizes who wish to increase and improve their innovation rate in their company.
  • Raising Capital. This speech provides the fundamentals and nuances of raising capital for your startup or growing business. It covers topics such as the psychology behind raising money, the tools required to raise capital and the process of raising money. The intended audience is entrepreneurs in the seed to growth stages of any business in any sector.
  • Starting and Growing a Company. This speech is tailored to the startup business from planning, through launch and growth. It covers ideation, innovation, branding, raising money and more. This topic is ideal for young entrepreneurs, as well as experienced entrepreneurs seeking to take their startup to the next level.
  • Incorporating Speed and Efficiency in Your Business. This speech enables companies to understand the fundamentals and nuances of leveraging speed and efficiency in every part of their business — whether a startup, growing or Fortune 1000 company.
  • The Psychology of the Entrepreneur. This speech explores the psychology of the entrepreneur mind, offering in-depth examples of  various psychological elements that form a great entrepreneur mind  ­— whether the person is an entrepreneur or an employee of a Fortune 1000 company. It supports the concept of why every employee needs to think like an entrepreneur. Based on Entreprenetics: The Psychology of the Entrepreneur Mind.
  • Entrepreneur Insights from the Trenches. This speech offers valuable lessons from Damir's experiences with startups, marketing, management, innovation and finance — real time — based on current market conditions. He utilizes the principles from Sun Tzu, The Art of War. Based on Commandopreneur: Business Lessons Learned From the Entrepreneur Battlefront.

damir perge speaker author entrepreneur amazon bookDamir has spoken for a diverse collection of organizations including the Worth Magazine investor conference, Oxford University, University of Berkeley. He has been interviewed on television and radio numerous times. He has also spoken on and moderated panels on entrepreneurship and venture capital.

Contact info (at) entrepreneurdex.com for information.

Demo Video

This is a demonstration video of Damir’s speaking ability.

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