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Startup Rhythm: How Using Lionel Messi Dribbling Principles of Slowing Down Increases Business Speed

If you've ever played sports seriously, you understand the power of rhythm and timing. When I played soccer, my trademark was in the art of dribbling. One of fundamentals of dribbling is to develop a rhythm and pace with the ball at your feet. Brazilians of old, such as Pele and Garrincha, were masters of bringing rhythm to their dribbling…


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Soccerpreneur Chapter 17: Never Give Up

From the upcoming book Soccerpreneur by Damir Perge (Download a PDF of this Chapter)…


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Soccerpreneur Chapter 4: Shine Your Own Shoes

From the upcoming book Soccerpreneur by Damir Perge (…


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Soccerpreneur: Chapter 3 The Mexican Messi

From the upcoming book Soccerpreneur by Damir Perge (Download a PDF of this Chapter)

Chapter 3: The Mexican…


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Entreprenetics: The Negative Side of Positive Thinking

Our world is a complex system with trillions of interactions playing out every day between all members of the planet. However, you can simplify this non-linear system by thinking everything in terms of either positive or negative energy.

Whether your mind thinks in a positive or negative direction at any given moment is up to you. You get to choose the…


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The Friction of Disruption: Trigger Points for Building Billion Dollar Startups

Wherever there is friction, there lies an opportunity to build a billion dollar startup. When you want to generate new ideas for your business or ideate new startup concepts, you can trigger the innovation within your entrepreneur mind by letting your environment inspire you. The concept of friction is one such powerful trigger mechanism. …


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Should You Raise Your Prices?

I learned a lesson on how to set prices to the optimal level when I least expected it. When I first met my wife she had a job at a local butcher shop. The owner’s name was Fred. He always positioned himself at the main cutting table with the butchers to his left and the meat display counter to his right. This way he could keep his eyes and ears on everything.

"Magic Prices"

Like most good philosophies his concept on pricing was simple. “Everything has a magic price”…


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Improve Time Management – Is it the Best Strategy?

The key to success in business isn’t to improve time management. In fact, it’s flat out impossible to mange time. Trying to manage it is a recipe for running faster and faster without really getting anywhere.

No matter how you slice it there’s 24 hours in a day, 7 days in every week and 52 weeks in a year. Time isn’t manageable. You can’t save a Monday afternoon and magically add it to Saturday. Time rolls along at a steady pace. It’s the nature of…


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5 Tips to Build Better Anchor Text to Attract Users

Be in back when we were completely obvious through the web over a phone connection, it may have truly been useful to put the keyword  like “click here” in anchor text to make feel people they could really click and be going to to one more page. Though, those times have long ago passed, and it is nowadays time to use much intelligent way while using anchor text.

While used well, anchor text can truly boost user experience and persuade users to really take the action you like them to…


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How to Solve Business Problems - An Interesting Approach

The challenge of how to solve business problems has been around for centuries. What follows next is a short parable that’s even older. The parable puts the question into perspective and serves to open up some powerful solutions that you probably haven’t considered before. The 2 or 3 minutes it takes to read it is time well spent. The commentary at the end delivers some very practical insights that help entrepreneurs solve business problems more…


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What Should you Include in a Business Plan?

Have you always dreamed of owning and running a business? If you are bursting with entrepreneurial spirit that you can barely contain, and you can’t wait to get going, slow down for a second or two. You’ve got some prep work to do first.

After establishing what product or service you want to provide (also…


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Make Your Business More Profitable

Improve Business Profits

Improving business profits is often a challenging project. There are a lot of moving parts in most companies. To get them all working together and delivering a decent bottom line can be frustrating. It leaves entrepreneurs wrestling with the question: how can I make my business more profitable?

There's an approach that consistently delivers solid results

It's proven approach and it works very well. Most companies can…


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5 Ways to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

Lots of people say they want to be in business for themselves. They go on and on about how they don't want to work for anyone anymore, that they have better ideas about how to do a specific task than the people already in the marketplace, that they want to take pride ins something they created. They talk a really good game but when it comes down to executing, they fall short. Why? What is it about starting a…


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The Best Way to Grow Your Business

“If I had asked people what they wanted,

they would have said faster horses.”

Quote attributed to Henry Ford

The main idea behind the quote is this: what people think they want isn’t necessarily what they would prefer to have.

We see evidence of this regularly…


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How to take your startup from failure to success

Thousands of people start new adventures in the hopes of living out their dreams of being a business owner. Many of these new business owners have learned it is not as easy as it sounds and their startups often fail.

Though a business may fail at first, it is not a complete failure quite yet. With a little effort, time and learning from your mistakes, you can turn that failure into success.

Solve your business woes by focusing on the problems and finding solutions to get your…


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A picture is worth a thousand words and the car an entrepreneur chooses to drive says a lot about the entrepreneur and his or her personality. Entrepreneurs drive specific cars for various reasons. Some choose a car brand in order to impress or for practical reasons. For others, their office is their…


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U.S. Health Care vs. The World - Costs and Outcomes [Infographic]


With the on-going implementation of the Affordable Care Act in the U.S., there has been much debate over how health care costs and outcomes compare between countries. Take look at the graphic below from GW's online master of public health to learn how the United States' health care system compares to the rest of the…


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Five business practices that could help you go national

The Printed Bag Shop didn’t start out big. The team have worked tirelessly to reach the UK’s number one spot for printed bags. Here are five ways that we achieved this:

1) Provide the best possible service

“Everyone at the Printed Bag Shop prides themselves on providing the best possible service. Staff really put the effort in to create a fantastic experience for each and every client, and the aim is to make each experience one to remember - for all the…


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SEO 2013: PageRank to Social Rank

Why have we been busy working on acquiring links from sites with great authority to our websites, we will focus on how we can ensure that people having high valued website want our attention and want to talk more and more about our site. It does not matter whether that person on…


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Growing your business startup? Here’s how to grow your list of awards, too

Growing your business startup? Here’s how to grow your list of awards, too Right now, research suggests that there are over 4.5 million small businesses in the UK, and by ‘small’ we mean those employing between 1 and 10 people. To put it another way, there are a lot of people running their own businesses.

It's one thing to tell people how great your business is, but for people to listen you need other people to…


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