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March 2013 Blog Posts (18)

Startupmentals: From a Dump Truck to Series B

You can learn so much from entrepreneurs who have been in the entrepreneur trenches for a good portion of their business careers. If you want to get the business education of your life, just ask an experienced entrepreneur how they became an entrepreneur. This was the case when I met up with John Miller, Executive Director of…


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Espressopreneur: Keep Your Business Model Stealthy and Healthy

“What’s your business model?” is the question I hear most often from investors and entrepreneurs when I talk about one of the startups we’re funding. That’s like asking me about my sex life — it's private. I take the art of business modeling seriously. I purposely left the business model slide out of this particular startup investor presentation,…


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Startup Brainwashing: The Billion-Dollar Mental Game

Your entrepreneur mind is like a heat-seeking missile going after a programmed target. Your goal is to start a company, get funded, grow the business, then get acquired or go IPO. It's even cooler when you’re totally focused on growing the business into a billion dollar play by revolutionizing your industry. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are best examples…


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Espressopreneur: Playing The Startup Game

If I can give you any startup failure advice, from an entrepreneur and venture capital perspective, after failing in startups more than once, it's this: analyze your failures as quickly as possible, and then do what most entrepreneurs fail to do after they fail — move on.

Move on … move on … move into a positive direction. Start working on your next big thing.…


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Espressopreneur: The Startup People Advantage

"So when you fail, try to keep the good people who failed with you and play the startup game again."

Keep in mind that the initial conditions of your startup are different every time you start a startup. Some failure lessons might not be applicable to your next startup — even if you learned some hard…


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The #4 Secret to Raising Money for Your Startup or Growing Business

Secret to Raising Startup Money I was talking with a friend who's an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley. He has a very cool startup that has the potential to revolutionize an industry. The topic of raising money came up. I guess when you’re doing a startup, the topic of raising money comes up in entrepreneur conversation most of the time. And it did in this conversation…


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The #3 Secret to Raising Money for Your Startup or Growing Business

The #3 Secret to Raising Money for a Startup Because I’ve raised more than $300 million, I’m often asked by entrepreneurs to raise capital for their startups or growing businesses.  Many entrepreneurs believe it happens overnight. But what amazes me even more is the lack of understanding of the process of raising capital.

I’ve written about the…


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The #2 Secret to Raising Money for Your Startup or Growing Business

secret raising money entrepreneur dex Whether you want to see it this way or not, every entrepreneur and investor is in the raising money business all the time. Unless you’re a startup or business that is printing money by generating revenues from paying customers, you’re always in the raising money business. Period.

Even if you’re doing well in your business, the natural…


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The Power of Entrepreneur Intuition

power of entrepreneur intuition damir perge Using "intuition" in your business vocabulary is a dirty word to some entrepreneurs and investors. Observing others over the years, and including myself, I've realized how intuition plays a much bigger part in business decisions than most want to admit. We all want to think we make logical and sound business decisions.

When it comes to the art of…


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Espressopreneur: The Continuous Flux of Innovation Fatigue

I've noticed a pattern that continuously plays out in any emerging marketplace when it comes to startups — it is the continuous flux of innovation fatigue, amplified by the drowning noise of competition.

One startup creates a market, then entrants come in like swarms of bees wanting to…


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Top 5 Tools to Measure Inbound Links

measure inbound seo marketing SEO, or search engine optimization, is a technique used by businesses to get their websites to the top of the search engine results. One of the key factors in SEO is link building because Google, and other search engines, tend to consider that if lots of websites link to a single site, it must be valuable and authoritative, so it rewards them with a…


Added by Rebecca Lindegren on March 13, 2013 at 1:30pm — 1 Comment

Ingredient Delivery Startups are Sprouting Up Everywhere

In the past, ingredient delivery services were available to a limited group of individuals. People who had meals delivered to their homes either did it out of necessity, due to certain dietary restrictions, or they were very wealthy and could afford to spend more for the convenience. It…


Added by Logan Harper on March 12, 2013 at 4:00pm — 1 Comment

The Business of Law: What Most Lawyers Need to Know About Running a Successful Law Practice

running law practice business After finishing law school, the first hurdle you encountered was the bar exam. You studied for months, took a grueling 2 or 3 day exam and then waited another month or two for your results. During all the waiting, you probably devoted a significant period of time to weighing your options. You may have even considered…


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The #1 Secret to Raising Money for Your Startup or Growing Business

The #1 Secret to Raising Money for Your Startup or Growing Business There are plenty of secrets to raising money for any business. In Startupmentals: The Secret to Raising BIG Money for Your Startup — I write about the power of telling a…


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The Value of an MBA for Women

It has been an uphill battle for women in the workplace. That said, the outlook for women continues to become better thanks to initiatives such as the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and business schools that are increasingly becoming platforms for women to grow their careers and thrive in leadership roles in their respective industries.

In the infographic below, MBA@UNC partnered with the…


Added by Joshua John on March 5, 2013 at 10:00am — 1 Comment

Espressopreneur: The Most Extraordinary Ingredient Required in Any Startup or Growing Business

startup ingredient The most important ingredient for any startup or business is the element of speed. Speed is of the essence in war and speed is of the essence in startups or any business. When you incorporate speed into every part of your business, you can afford to make little mistakes along the way — and most importantly, you don’t have to be…


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Startup Harmony: The Art of Startup Agreements and Disagreements

startup disagreements entrepreneurdex damir perge One of my partners called me while I was right in the middle of a very important business meeting. He knew I was in the meeting but he called me anyway. I don’t usually take calls during meetings but I figured it must be very important or he wouldn't have called to interrupt.

“Hey, what’s up?” I said in a somewhat annoyed voice because…


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Espressopreneur: My Grandfather’s Entrepreneur Words of Wisdom

My grandfather was an awesome entrepreneur. I had a great childhood because I grew up on his farm, which was located within ten minutes of the city center. My parents worked the farm because my grandfather left the communist country of Yugoslavia to come to the land of opportunity — America. Even though we worked hard on the farm, we still had plenty of time to enjoy the resources of the farm. 

"If you don’t risk, you don’t profit BIG." — Paul…


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