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April 2011 Blog Posts (6)

Entrepreneur Book of the Day: Competitive Strategy | Prof. Michael Porter

I met Professor Michael Porter. You would think that someone of his genius would act as if he created the world of business strategy single-handedly and might have an arrogant attitude regarding his accomplishments. He doesn’t. Professor Porter is a very nice person and his books have changed me forever.…


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Entrepreneur Book of the Day: Unleashing the Ideavirus | Seth Godin

Sure, The Tipping Point is a seminal book but in my opinion, Unleashing the Ideavirus is as good or even better for startup entrepreneurs, marketers, small business or any type of business. Seth Godin is considered one of the big marketing gurus in Silicon Valley – and he is for…


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Thinking About Starting Your Own Business? Answer 5 Questions First!

When you start thinking about opening your own business a key part of the process is to examine your heart. This means that as a potential business owner, you should take the time to honestly consider your current situation, your capabilities, your preferences, and your own personal management style.

Not having the structure of an established company to rely upon means that you, as the business owner, are responsible for everything. Every customer, every request, every piece of supply…


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The Franchise Sniff Test

by Mike Daley, owner of MJD Business Advice

One key to business success is to avoid the natural temptation to rush into a new business enterprise without thorough due diligence investigation first. The “Sniff Test” is a common sense approach to evaluating a new business opportunity designed to spot red flags early, before large amounts of time or capital have been invested.…


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9 Tips to Get More Views on YouTube

by Kesean Kenton of keseankenton.com

I started a YouTube channel back in late January, and since then, to my surprise, I was able to accumulate over 100 YouTube subscribers. A question I’m being asked a lot lately by YouTubers is this…”How can I get more views on Youtube?” So in this video…


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Seasonal Marketing: A Big Bang at the Right Time!

by Mike Daley, owner of MJD Business Advice

When you are a small business owner, marketing can become overwhelming. In many cases you are trying to make sales and do not have much time to consider all the different aspects of marketing. What do I focus on to market my product or service is a frequent question. Is it branding, social media, blogging, cold calls, advertising, CRM,…


Added by Mike Daley on April 13, 2011 at 11:30am — 1 Comment

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