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May 2013 Blog Posts (34)

Startup Haters: You Will Have Them. Period.

Arrested Development Season 4 Haters The long-awaited new season of the award-winning series Arrested Development is now on Netflix. If you have never seen the show, I highly recommend you watch it from the first episode of the first season. You can learn some great entrepreneur and investor lessons seeing this highly dysfunctional family go about their real estate business.

I must warn…


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Startup Jenga: Lessons About Startups and Innovation From Playing Jenga

Startup Jenga My girlfriend’s sister came to town for a visit. On her last night in town, we visited a very good Mexican restaurant in Dallas named Hacienda. By the time we got there, the restaurant was packed. There were no tables available on the patio. I managed to transfer my…


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Startupmentals: Outsource What You Know

Image: The cowbird outsources an egg to a finch nest.

One startup saying goes, “Outsource what you don’t know.” I’ve done that plenty of times as a startup entrepreneur and investor. However, if you want to increase your startup speed, you should “outsource what you know.” When you outsource what you know, you can focus on the…


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Businessnatomy: Any ___(Fill in the Blank)___

When it comes to business modeling, sometimes it’s not about how technical or knowledgeable you are, regarding various aspects of strategy, business modeling, tactics, and market analysis. 

You should also look at business modeling from an intuitive, creative and innovative perspective. This helps you avoid being bogged down by the various revenue vector details,…


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Entreprenetics: A Simple Thought Experiment (The Meaning of Working and Thinking)

A friend of mine interrupted my deep thoughts with the text above. She was wondering what I was doing. I told her I was working. That’s no surprise to you, if you know me. But I wasn’t really working. I was doing something more important. I was thinking. I shifted my thinking to the topic of work. What is work anyway?

Some might think returning…


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Smartness Spectrum: The Invisible Smarter

Smartness Spectrum: The Invisible Smarter If you study and analyze the natural progression of technologies, you can see a simple trend: objects of any kind are getting smaller, faster, and simpler. I still recall the first time I used a computer as a teenager—as if it was yesterday. I was at my uncle’s office in Austin. Nobody was around the office so I decided to power up his IBM desktop computer…


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Entreprenetics: Inspired By The Impossible

Entrepreneur Inspiration The fundamental foundation behind the psychology of the entrepreneur mind is simple—believe in the impossible. Let those four words sink into your conscious and subconscious. You can believe in the impossible if you allow your entrepreneur brain to become inspired by the impossible.

Let your innovative mind embrace it, accept it and own…


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The Amplification of Startup Speed

How to Amplify Startup Speed When it comes to startups, speed is critical. If you’re a startup yourself, I don’t have to remind you that you are likely to be under-resourced and disadvantaged. You probably feel the entrepreneur pressure to get out into the marketplace and start getting startup traction. If you’re already in the marketplace, you’re focused on engaging the audience and keeping them.…


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Businessnatomy: The Problem with the Free(ad)mium Business Model

The Problem with Freemium (Source: Damir Perge picture of Ivan Perge, © 2013 entrepreneurdex)

If you've ever worked in Silicon Valley, you quickly learn the power of the freemium business model. This is what I…


Added by Damir Perge on May 23, 2013 at 2:00pm — 2 Comments

Startup Dyslexia: Dyslexic Members in Your Startup Team = Competitive Advantage

When it comes to building a startup team, incorporating diversity within your startup can provide an incredible advantage. Diversity of intellectual capital built into the power of swarm intelligence can help solve any problem, especially any startup problem you may face in the future.

I recently wrote about…


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Entreprenetics: Sleep and Let Things Play Out

Entrepreneur: Sleep on it When you enter unexpected startup situations that can cause significant changes and direction in your startup outcome, the natural thing to do is to push really hard for the answers and results.

If someone (or something) is causing you startup headaches, the logical thing to do is to address it immediately. In these types of business…


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Entreprenetics: Startup Stress Ball for the Capital Raising Process

Startup Entrepreneur Capital Raising Stress When I lived in Silicon Valley, before I raised my first $100 million venture capital fund—I’m not going to deny it to you—it was very stressful. Whether you’re raising capital for a venture fund or your startup, the process can become gruesome. It is especially gruesome when you’re doing something revolutionary. In my case, I was raising my VC…


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Entreprenetics: The Pitfalls of a Startup Knee-Jerk Reaction

Startup Knee Jerk Reaction On one of the three startups we are accelerating into the marketplace, I made a knee-jerk reaction and changed a key component of the startup’s business strategy. Needless to say, the rest of the team wasn't excited about this strategic change but I did an incredibly damn good job selling them on the change. So they followed along with some huffing…


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Setting Goals & Expectations

Last week a team of us from Westland Joaus Technologies traveled to Los Angeles, CA to present one of our inventions in a business plan competition.  We were in a unique position in that we had two of our entries make the finals.  We were told that we had to narrow our presentation to just one.  We were assigned a mentor through CalTech who advised on the presentation.  When we first met with the mentor a couple of months ago, he reviewed both inventions and stated that one would probably…


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Startupmentals: The Art of Startup Hiring and Firing

Startupmentals: The Art of Startup Hiring and Firing There is a consensus among many entrepreneurs when it comes to startup hiring practices: Hire slowly and fire quickly. I am not sure this is good enough if you want to increase the speed of your startup. When you’re a startup, unless the startup already has a “halo effect1” surrounding it, you don’t have the luxury of hiring slowly and firing…


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The Fundamentals of Startup Speed: Stop All Distractions

Startup Speed: Stop all Distractions When you manage your startup, you need to focus on increasing your speed at every point in the business process. Remember, the market odds are stacked against you due to the physics behind the power law. Imagine…


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Why Startups Love Silicon Valley

Why Startups Like Silicon Valley Plenty of smart people are trying to replicate the success of Silicon Valley in other parts of the world. Applying complexity science to the process, you can see that Silicon Valley is a huge technology ecosystem clustered tightly together. You can call it an innovation platform—if you want to use a buzzword like "platform" to resonate with…


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Risky Business

The Risky Business of Entrepreneurship Is risk taking necessary to be successful in the entrepreneurial world? Risk and entrepreneurship are kissing cousins. The big question becomes what level of risk are you willing to take and what kind of risk is required for the business you want to create.  If these two variables of risk match—you have the opportunity to launch a startup at the lowest risk possible.  If the two levels don't…


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Startupmentals: The Full Meaning of Startup’s Low-Hanging Fruit and the Fruit Higher Up

startup low hanging fruit entrepreneurdex When I was a kid growing up in Yugoslavia, during the beautiful spring, summer and fall seasons, my twin brother and I acted more like monkeys than humans when it came to eating breakfast. We grew up on farm within the city limits and our parents both worked. They got up early and left the task of making our breakfast to our older sister. The farm was an…


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Startup Trigger Advice: Why Talking to Other Startup Entrepreneurs Can Help Your Own Startup

Talk to other startup entrepreneur for inspiration One of the best ways for startup entrepreneurs to find solutions for their own problems is to listen to the strategies and tactics used by other startup entrepreneurs in non-related sectors. 

We recently sat down on the sunny patio of a local Starbucks to talk with entrepreneur Pratima Rao to discuss her very cool stealth startup. Of course, thanks to the…


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