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June 2013 Blog Posts (25)

When "Seeing the Forest and the Trees" Leads to a Trillion Dollar Question

See the Forest Through the Trees-Entrepreneurdex If you've read my previous articles you already know I have a tendency to misquote old sayings. But sayings like, “You can’t see the forest through the trees,” is not one of them.

A Business Insider article,…


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The Reality of Seed Investment Mathematics

The Reality of Seed Investment Math When a market goes digital, the initial costs of developing startups, products and services are reduced substantially. However, the expansion and growth costs increase later because you’re competing on the global digital market front.  As a startup entrepreneur or seed investor, you’re not worried about that at first. Your main objective is to build startup…


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How to Create a Simple Startup Reference Point

There is a theory in behavioral economics called prospect theory.[1] One main component of this theory is that people do not evaluate things in absolute terms. They evaluate things, such as price, relative to a comparison standard or reference price.

If I am planning to buy a watch in the $50 price range, the difference…


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Entreprenetics: What You Can Learn from LeBron James About Startup Failure and Success

Learn from LeBron about Startup Failure and Success I didn’t want LeBron James to win. Not because I don’t like him but, living in Texas, I cheer for the San Antonio Spurs.  Game 7 of the NBA Finals was a roller coaster ride of a basketball game. It had the same kind of ups and downs, twists and turns you might have experienced in your startup or growing business.

LeBron James and the…


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Reverse Psychology Marketing: The Power of Being Extraordinary, Homemade and Authentic

Reverse Psychology Marketing-Entrepreneurdex If you live in Texas, you eat chips and salsa. I am no exception. The other day, my girlfriend and I were shopping. I was pondering which brand of salsa to purchase to impress the guests we were having over for dinner.

My girlfriend appeared at the end of the aisle, waiting for me so we could check out. She recognized my hesitation and walked up, glanced at…


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Entreprenetics: Throw Caution to the Wind

Entreprenetics: Throw Caution to the Wind Because English is my second language, my family and friends know me to forget some part of, or mess up, some of the classic English sayings. I overcompensate by thinking about a saying, and repeating it to myself before I say it out loud, in a attempt to get it right. “You can always tell a cobbler by the shoes he wears,” is one of my favorites.…


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The Anatomy of the Business Model Simplified: Non-Linear vs. Linear

Business Model: Non-Linear vs Linear There are an incredible number of ways to analyze a business model. One way is to look at it from the perspective of complexity science, which is the study of non-linear systems.

Nature, being organic in form, is a non-linear system—where a small disturbance can create a devastating effect in a positive or negative direction.…


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Entreprenetics: The Power of Resistance to Disruptive Ideas

Entreprenetics: The power of resistance to disruptive ideas Disruptive ideas are not a dime a dozen. So when you do come up with one and begin to develop it, you will experience resistance. The reason is simple. Most people resist your disruptive idea because it is disruptive. I state the obvious.

There are two forms of resistance—external and internal. From an external perspective, you have to protect the…


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Startup Danger: Knowing Enough To Be Dangerous

Startup Danger: Knowing Enough to be Dangerous I was talking with a friend the other day about a cool and disruptive idea. He made a statement that has negative connotations for entrepreneurs and investors. “Know enough to be dangerous,” was part of his phrase.

I'm not at liberty to disclose the rest of the discussion due to his startup being in a stealth mode. But later I reflected on the popular…


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The Pattern Whisperer

The Pattern Whisperer If any trait you should learn to acquire and use as an entrepreneur, it is the ability to see. I'm not talking about the physical act of seeing. What I mean is the ability to see patterns and how they evolve in the future.

What kind of patterns? Consumer behavior, fashion, technology, demographic and market structure patterns are amongst the few to look for in your sector, and…


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Entreprenetics: Analysis of Abraham Lincoln's Failure Gaps

Entreprenetics: Abraham Lincoln's Failure Gaps I was info surfing and came across the sequence of failures by Abraham Lincoln. I knew he had failed a few times, however I'd never taken the time to analyze those life hiccups. What's interesting is the timeline gaps between Lincoln’s failures. I'd always wondered what he did during those failure gaps.

It's important to study character traits of a successful…


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Innovation Mojo: The Confusion About Apple Losing Innovation Momentum

Apple's Innovation Mojo There is an incredible amount of buzz on Wall Street and in the media that Apple has lost some of its innovation mojo. Wall Street has become impatient because Apple’s last disruptive innovation trick was the iPad.

The problem is that Apple spoiled everybody. Apple is on the bleeding edge of innovation, and has created super hits that defy the physics…


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Innovation in the Classroom

Innovation in the Classroom For the past fifty years, the state of education in America has been widely unchanged. Even today, if you walk into most classrooms, you will find it is fairly similar to the one you remember from your childhood. Slowly, changes are taking place, and those changes are reinventing education in America. As you learn how…


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Startup Leapfrogs

Startups in Silicon Valley are far more fixated, than anywhere else, on being the original innovator in their own sector. Their goal is to get the credit for inventing an industry, category or product. The startup entrepreneur mantra is, “You have to be first, you have to crush it, and you have to own it before the competition. You have to make sure everyone knows you're the visionary ……


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Entreprenetics: The Myth of Incapability

Entreprenetics: The Myth of Incapability The psychology of the entrepreneur mind knows no boundaries. Having funded 30+ entrepreneurs in various sectors, one common entrepreneur characteristic I've seen in every one of their innovative minds was the belief that they can do anything.  

Whatever their age, education, race or business experience, they all believed that, with enough desire and persistence,…


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Businessnatomy: Your Business Model Obliterated Instantly

Businessnatomy: You Business Model Obliterated Instantly The FGAAYM (eff-game) players in high tech are Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon, Yahoo and Microsoft. These six players are continuously on the prowl to leverage their current assets into new markets either through direct competition or acquisition.

The current music streaming apps are in big trouble. I’ve been studying the various business models in the…


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Entreprenetics: Inspired By the Wall

Entrepreneutics: Inspired by the Wall Cloud computing, open source, social media … these simple words have created thousands of startups in billion-dollar sectors. Simple words can trigger disruptive ideas and revolutions.

It was beautiful day for a walk. My girlfriend and I decided to take a stroll along the streets of Dallas. When I walk alone, I like to think. Thinking is not easy but it is a lot of…


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Failnatomy: How to Fail in Business Without Even Trying

Failnatomy or How to Fail in Business Without Even Trying When you look at successful people—entrepreneurs, entertainers, athletes, scientists, politicians, etc.—you are inspired to be like them because they are at the top of their game. You can easily find successful and inspiring people all around you because they are sitting on the top of the mountain where you can see them just by looking up. 



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Why Companies Fail: Failing to Innovate

Failing to Innovate I like to analyze markets from a structural and competitive perspective. This is one of my midnight hobbies. I study companies that innovate at a rapid pace. The innovation frequency of high-tech companies like Apple, Google, Samsung and Amazon is fascinating.

If you think about it from an innovator perspective, the innovation rate of speed of Facebook, LinkedIn…


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Entreprenetics: The Little Roller Coaster That Would

So I was talking to a friend of mine from Silicon Valley about his startup. He’s been working his startup hard for at least two years without any intended results. While discussing his idea to me for at least the hundredth time, he mentioned something that will resonate with any startup entrepreneur. He…


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