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July 2011 Blog Posts (5)

What Makes a Website a Winner?

Agood website entices visitors to return often to see what’s new. Encouraging your customers to bookmark your site is one way to get them to come back and make your website a Favorite.

Here are 6 things winning websites have in common:

• Websites are run by people who know what they want. Small business marketers who have successful websites have clear strategies, goals, and priorities.

• Websites use technology that’s appropriate to their mission. The options range from…


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Entreprenetics: Are You Unstoppable?

Are you unstoppable in what you’re doing? Inspiration comes at anytime, anywhere and real-time – to anyone. I was working hard, writing my next business book, extremely focused and minding my own business. When I write, I either listen to music, or have the TV running in the background. Luckily, I had ESPN’s Espy Awards playing in the background. My eyes looked up at the TV when Jay Leno walked up on the stage to present the next Jimmy V Award for Perseverance to Arizona State wrestler,…


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Who Has the Upper Hand in a Lease Renewal?

Your small business lease is probably the second largest expense after paying your employees. For many small business owners, it is the largest expense. When looking to lease space to start your business, there can be many concessions and negotiations. Things like leasehold improvements, assigned parking, signage, etc. come into the give and take process. But frequently, when the fifth year, end of the lease approaches, the tenant suddenly thinks that the opportunity to improve the economics of… Continue

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Entreprenetics: Putting the Ball in the Net

When you become an entrepreneur or investor in startups, you’ve got to put the ball into the net. Nothing else matters. It’s not how pretty you play the game -- you have to put the damn ball into the net. It’s not how quick you play the game, you have to put the ball into the net. 

The same applies to sports.

America has had one miracle so far in its sports history – hockey’s “miracle on ice.” Another miracle happened on Sunday, June 10th, 2011. If you saw it…


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Entreprenetics: Shifting Neuron Gears Like a Maserati

I see it even with myself – the world is becoming an ADD culture. Social media is partially to blame, along with smartphones, video games and apps along with the traditional media outlets such as TV, radio, magazines, and newspapers. 

The ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) Economy has been coming for a while. It’s here now and it’s here to stay. And entrepreneurs and investors are not immune either.

Interruptions come at us from all angles. And I’m not even talking about the…


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