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December 2010 Blog Posts (9)

Sayings of Ohno #7 | Overproduction is a crime

taiichi ohno overproduction entrepreneurdex by taiichi ohno | ohnodex

A worker or line with excess capacities inevitably moves forward if…


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Sayings of Ohno #6 | 9 deadly sins of muda

“Muda” in Japanese means waste. If you pronounce this word, even if you do not speak Japanese, it sounds awful. Moo-dah. Yes, it is terrible. If you must make a commitment of doing just one thing next year, you must commit to eliminating muda out of your business and your personal life.

I will not get…


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Sayings of Ohno #5 | true cost of a plum seed

taiichi The true cost is only the size of a plum seed. The trouble with most managers is that they have a penchant for bloating the plum seed into a huge grapefruit. They then shave off some of the unevenness from the rind and call it cost reduction. How wrong can they get?

The secret to eliminating muda (waste) and becoming more efficient in your venture is looking at the actual… Continue

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Sayings of Ohno #4 | Don't worry about appearances

taiichi ohno sayings on entrepreneurdex You must look at efficiency (whether an entrepreneur, investor or employee) from a different perspective than just producing more products or parts. No matter what your function or what sector your venture is targeting, do not engage in efficiency for the sake of an appearance. Moving about and looking busy is not going to improve your position within the venture or in the…


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Another Lesson From The Orchestra: Staff Evaluations

Performance reviews are popular.  "How else can we evaluate a person's contribution to the success of the organization?"

Yet the orchestra has no individual performance evaluation, as such.  It certainly holds an audition to determine who will become a member of the orchestra, who will be let into the team.  But after that . . .

When you attend a concert, some peculiar things take place.  Members of the orchestra appear on stage, play notes up and down on their instruments,…


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The Follow Up: Staying green in their face

As an entrepreneur I’m always hunting for new business, directly or indirectly. Usually one thing leads to another, and you get a referral, and boom you have a new prospective client. But now that you have this new prospective client what next? It’s important that you understand how powerful an immediate follow up can be. I usually prefer a phone call, but at the very least, you want to send a follow up email.

This initial follow up will keep you fresh in the mind of the new prospect,…


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Be like Nike and "Just do it"

I can definitely identify with the emotions of fear, anxiety,excitement, frustration, and the like, very well. Sometimes I experience all these emotions at once. As a matter of fact, these emotions are the driving force to me being an entrepreneur. They serve as fuel for me to act.

I remember when I decided to enter the big bad world of business not too long ago…bright eyed and bushy tailed…green with eagerness to get my graphic design…


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Referring Superstars: 6 Tips for Selecting the Right Person to Refer to Another Professional

Have you ever referred a somebody to do work for another person, and the referred person did a horrible job? How did that make you feel?

The above scenario is all too familiar to me. As a business owner, I’ve met several individuals who’ve claimed to be professionals, and some have even posed with a good front. Now I understand that from time to time things will foul up. I understand this because accidents do happen. But, the individuals that I’m speaking of are the ones that just…


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Entrepreneurial Lessons From The Orchestra

Many people don’t make an easy connection between business and music. Yet there is hardly a business owner or manager alive who does not want their business or department to operate just like a symphony orchestra.

Entrepreneurs often have a difficult time in business. A prominent reason for this difficulty is the psychology of the entrepreneur; it’s different than that of, say, the manager. But in order for the entrepreneur to be successful, they need to…


Added by Ian Hodge on December 3, 2010 at 2:00am — 5 Comments

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