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December 2011 Blog Posts (3)

How to Overcome Fear: 4 Steps to go from “fear-full” to “fear-less”

Imagine being hounded by creditors for late payments on your student loan, mortgage, or your brand new car. Imagine standing 300 feet above ground and staring down to what seems like an endless fall. Imagine standing in front of a large crowd of 3000 people with all eyes on you, waiting for you to speak a word. Do you cower and run away, or do you face it and fight through your fears.

Fear can either immobilize or compel you to act. Thus, fear will either add or subtract to your ability…


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Read daily and see the difference

I’ve been following some successful entrepreneurs for a while now and they all have several things in common. But the one thing I’ll be focusing on in this post is that entrepreneurs, the ones that are influential business leaders, the ones that are making the money, is that they read daily.

Reading may seem like a small thing, but consider it like a drop of water entering a glass cup every second. Eventually the glass will become full and will start to overflow. So if you are the…


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How to Make Your Website E-Commerce Friendly

Sell! Sell! Sell! This is the mantra of every business. And it is the gospel of any company that makes money solely through e-commerce. Effective website design encourages your visitors to take the next step. It combines good layout with page copy that induces customers to buy products or take some kind of action.

Here are some “Do’s” of E-Commerce:

  • Do include a link to the order page on every other page of your site.
  • Do have the products on display in the right…

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