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A picture is worth a thousand words and the car an entrepreneur chooses to drive says a lot about the entrepreneur and his or her personality. Entrepreneurs drive specific cars for various reasons. Some choose a car brand in order to impress or for practical reasons. For others, their office is their…


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7 Steps to Creating a Social Media Contest | Advertising & Marketing

social media contest how to by Jana Arnold | editor of entrepreneurdex.com

Social media contests and sweepstakes are the trend of the moment and customers are climbing on board. Follow this easy seven-step plan to promote your product or service to…


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Does Your Business Need a Dress Code?

Maybe your business or startup needs every edge it can get in this economy. You only get one chance to form a first impression. How you dress and how your employees dress provides an image of the company -- neat or sloppy, casual or formal, style or no-style. The dressing style of the company depends on the culture, life cycle of the company and sector. 

If you're a high-flying tech company, your dress code is going to be significantly different than an investment bank. Even if you're…


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Hollywood: boring because they play it safe

Lessons we can apply from Tinseltown

Why are the latest Hollywood movies falling flat? I'm sure you have realized that Hollywood movies just aren't what they used to be. Because we're in "the summer of recovery," producers are playing it safe in order to reduce risk.

The hazard of a safe investment.

Producers only want to read scripts that are similar to movies that have previously made money. They…


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