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I can definitely identify with the emotions of fear, anxiety,excitement, frustration, and the like, very well. Sometimes I experience all these emotions at once. As a matter of fact, these emotions are the driving force to me being an entrepreneur. They serve as fuel for me to act.

I remember when I decided to enter the big bad world of business not too long ago…bright eyed and bushy tailed…green with eagerness to get my graphic design business rolling. But, there were things I needed to
understand first before I really started to make an impact. One major thing I had to learn to do was this…I had to learn to kill


I was a huge procrastinator. I would wait and wait and wait (insert Jeopardy music here), to do a particular task that related to my success. In business, procrastination was something I had to learn to

kill, fast. I remember one particular occasion in my first year of business (freelancing), I procrastinated on a job so long that the client got fed up and moved their business else where. That single experience shot an electrical charge up my spine, making me vow never to let something like that happen again.

Kesean Kenton


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