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Entrepreneur Book of the Day: Bionomics: Economy as ecosystem | Michael Rothschild

I don’t loan my books to anyone anymore. I made the mistake of loaning Bionomics: Economy As Ecosystem to a friend of mine once. He never returned it. I don’t blame him but I’m still pissed about it because Bionomics is one of those books you keep close to your vest. This book should be read by every entrepreneur and investor – I just wish the politicians would read it as well. This is a revolutionary book – that’s the bottom line.

The world is changing quickly. I’ve had the privilege of seeing it first hand in 2010 since I spent more than half of my year outside America. What I noticed was the trend of countries moving toward capitalism. The irony is that when I got back to America, I saw trends moving toward socialism. (No, this is not a political statement. I’m not a Democrat or Republican.)

Capitalism is the only solution to society’s problems. Sure, there are issues with capitalism but having been born in a communist and socialist country, I’ve seen in real-time that socialism does not work and it will never work. Rothschild explains why capitalism is the only realistic system – it mimics nature.

From an entrepreneur and investor perspective, you should read Bionomics because as we become more digitized in everything we do personally and business, understanding how nature operates will enable you to get ideas of how your venture should react to the emerging conditions in your sector as well the economy as a whole.

I’ve read this book more than once and will read it again this year. The earlier I read it, the better. One of my favorite quotes (and there are hundreds from this book) says it all. I took part of the quote and put it in the headline but the full quote itself says it all:

“Capitalism, or the market economy, or the free-enterprise system -- whatever you choose to label it -- was not planned. Like life on earth, it did not need be. Capital just happened, and it will keep on happening. Quite spontaneously. Capitalism flourishes whenever it is not suppressed, because it is a naturally occurring phenomenon. It is the way human society organizes itself for survival in a world of limited resources.”

Gordon Gecko couldn't have said it better. The problem is that some people (mostly people who are not entrepreneurs or investors) misunderstand capitalism and hopefully this book will shed the light. I think George Soros should read it as well before he continues with anti-capitalistic strategies and funding that works against nature. He became a billionaire by being a capitalist in a negative way. So, there are positive and negative aspects to capitalism but it is the way nature works as well. I’ve often said that nature can be cruel.

Bionomics: Economy As Ecosystem is a must read for every human. Hopefully, understanding capitalism will actually make the human society more understanding and enable us to develop platforms that use capitalism in a positive way.

entrepreneurdex rating: 10 out of 10.

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