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Entrepreneur Book of the Day: Unleashing the Ideavirus | Seth Godin

Sure, The Tipping Point is a seminal book but in my opinion, Unleashing the Ideavirus is as good or even better for startup entrepreneurs, marketers, small business or any type of business. Seth Godin is considered one of the big marketing gurus in Silicon Valley – and he is for damn sure true.

Anyone involved in marketing, anyone starting a business or developing new products or services needs to read this book. Yes, it was written in 2000 and some marketers may think that the principles in the new digital age of Facebook and Twitter might make it seem outdated – wrong.

Sure, there are examples of companies in the book that are no longer in business but the advice Godin provides is worth a billion bucks. I’m not kidding. I never joke about money.

As the economy becomes more digitized, the ideavirus principles of developing ideas, products and services and making them “virus worthy” are more critical than ever. Creating viral effects is not as easy as entrepreneurs might think – but I can say that Godin does an awesome job of enabling the reader to think through how to apply his principles to any business – whether a small business or large Fortune 500 corporation.

Unleashing the Ideavirus is a must-read for any entrepreneur. Every employee (especially in marketing, sales and product development) needs to have this book on their desk. I keep my copy close at all times. The book is well-written and it is an easy read, but do not under-estimate the power of the ideas and suggestions provided by Godin.

entrepreneurdex rating: 10 out of 10.

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