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I was talking with Robert Stenger, an entrepreneur friend of mine, about all the things we wanted to accomplish this year. Of course, most people commit and make personal goals for the year after each year-end. But how many people follow their goals on a continuous basis? The ones that do, make things happen.

While talking with Rob, I noticed a change in his entrepreneur mindset. Over the years I have told people that when someone tells you they will try to do something, you can bet it’s not going to happen.

“I will try” or “I’m going to try to get it to you tomorrow” or “I will try to do it” is something that goes into one of my ears and out the other. When someone tries to do something, they are lying to themselves and others about whether they'll get things done.

“As part of my new goal this year, I have a simple quote,” he said.

“What is it?”

Rob paused and said, ”Don’t Try … Do.” 

I didn’t hear him well and asked, “What did you say?”

‘Don’t try dot, dot, dot, do,” He repeated. “But make sure that there are three dots between try and do.” 

“I love it,” I said.  If he only knew how much I hated the word try. In fact I wish that the word try be deleted from Webster’s Dictionary.

“I even have my quote posted right in front of me every day so that I can see it,” he said. 

“Hmm … it’s such a simple entrepreneur message to tell yourself: 'Don’t try … Do,'” I replied.

Rob's quote is very inspiring. If you want to become an entrepreneur revolutionary in your own sector, trying won’t get you there.

Maybe that’s why Nike scored so big with their marketing message “Just Do It.” I like “Just Do It,” but I love ”Don’t Try … Do” even more because entrepreneurs who try to get things done never get anything done.

In your startup or growing business, are you trying to get things done or are you getting them done? 

“Don’t Try … Do.”

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Damir Perge, author of Entrepreneur Myths: The Startup Reality, is the founder of entrepreneurdex, a venturcelerator using complexity science to fund and launch startups.

An entrepreneur and investor, with more than 25 years experience, he's worked with ventures in the technology, internet, media and publishing, entertainment, energy, and manufacturing sectors raising more than $300 million in capital for various companies and investing more than $50 million into startup and emerging ventures. He's sat on the boards of 11 companies, served as editor-in-chief of Futuredex, a private equity magazine. Follow 

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