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Espressopreneur: The Responsibility of an Executive (or Startup Founder)

I was recently talking with John Miller, executive director of NTEC, North Texas Enterprise Center — an incubator in Frisco, Texas, about entrepreneurship. Because of his extensive experience as an entrepreneur, I made it a point to shut up and listen. When you meet with experienced entrepreneurs like John, it's wise to listen carefully. Although some dynamics of the market might have changed, the fundamentals of entrepreneurship remain constant.

John gave me many valuable words of entrepreneurship wisdom, but one of them struck me like a lightning bolt. “Damir, a friend of mine, who was very high up at General Electric, had a great saying,'The definition of an executive is someone who removes obstacles in an organization.'"

“I like it,” I replied, thinking of how I could apply it to startups and early stage companies.

Startups and growing companies are not hampered by legacy or the massive size of an organization to deal with the business inertia internally. However they are forced to deal with the inertia of the marketplace. So I modified the phrase: “The definition of a founder is someone who removes obstacles in the marketplace.”

If anyone understands the challenges of overcoming market inertia, it's the innovators and founders of startups and growing companies. It’s not easy dealing with market inertia but this is what makes being an innovator and startup fun. 

Now back to finishing my cup of Starbucks espresso. Tell me your thoughts by commenting below.

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