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Espressopreneur: The Startup People Advantage

"So when you fail, try to keep the good people who failed with you and play the startup game again."

Keep in mind that the initial conditions of your startup are different every time you start a startup. Some failure lessons might not be applicable to your next startup — even if you learned some hard lessons from those failures.

Remember, just because you learned a lesson from your failure doesn’t guarantee success the next tim. You’re playing a different game in your new startup, and some of the rules of the game might have changed.

For example, unpredictability plays out if you form another startup with new people. If you start another company with the same team as before, you will have a startup advantage. The problem is that most entrepreneurs disperse after a startup fails — instead of trying to stay together and chase another startup idea. This usually happens because the founding team starts pointing fingers at each other for the startups failure. It’s human nature. 

So when you fail, try to keep the good people who failed with you and play the startup game again. You will have an incredible startup advantage, from a human resource perspective, because you've worked with your people before.

Now back to finishing my cup of Starbucks espresso. Tell me your thoughts by commenting below.

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