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“If I had asked people what they wanted,

they would have said faster horses.”

Quote attributed to Henry Ford

The main idea behind the quote is this: what people think they want isn’t necessarily what they would prefer to have.

We see evidence of this regularly in the business world. Everybody seems to want to grow their business, but in reality most business-people would actually prefer to own strong, profitable companies. Some people believe they are going to grow their way into profitability, but that's a more risky proposition than focusing on getting profitable now.

The best way to grow your business is to build a profitable company. Profits are the premium grade fuel for growth.

At Rock Solid we’ve developed a great program that helps business-people get the type of results they truly appreciate. It’s called the Company Strength Program. It’s a proven practical program that works!

To be clear: we are not against growth. In fact, owners who implement the Company Strength Program often see their companies go on to grow their business to unprecedented heights just the same as modern cars will take people much further, faster and a lot more comfortably than horses can.

A central concept of the program is that people don’t own businesses:
what they actually own are companies that do business with markets.

There’s more juice to that statement than just a simple play on words. Customers can give your their business and they can take their business elsewhere just as quickly. So who really owns it?

Inevitably a company’s development suffers when you grow your business beyond the strength of your company. Then frustrating symptoms start to multiply. On top of that running the company will almost certainly be more challenging than it should be. Instead of developing new business opportunities you'll be putting out a never ending-series of fires. It’s difficult to grow your business when you’re caught in this cycle.

Grow Your Business: A Fresh New Perspective

When you look at the challenge from the perspective of owning a company, the next logical question is how to develop workable plans to strengthen your company.

Strong companies regularly do good business. Good fortune seems to follow them around. It boils down to this: good people like to work for strong companies; strong companies effectively address challenges; strong companies have the resources to take full advantage of their opportunities and customers like doing business with strong companies.

It makes sense to focus some of your energy on strengthening your company early on in its development, but if you’ve been in business for a few years and your company isn’t performing like it should, implementing the Company Strength Program will get you back on track. Then you can profitably grow your business.

To find out more about the Company Strength Program click here.

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