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Entreprenetics: Discipline Your Mind, Your Body and Your Business

Successful entrepreneurs and investors are disciplined. Discipline is a general term which can be applied to anything you do. Discipline is an acquired trait and anyone can acquire it.

You likely learned your first lesson in discipline from your parents. Your next lesson probably came from your grandparents (if you’ve been lucky enough to have a close relationship), then most likely from your teachers, and last but not least, from your sports-related coach. 

Sports involvement teaches discipline, which can be applied later to personal life and business.

My parents taught me my first lessons in discipline from a sports perspective. No matter what coach I had during my younger years of playing soccer, my parents were more demanding. My father taught me the intricate nuances of being a disciplined soccer player but my mother, who didn’t understand soccer as well as my father from a playing perspective, taught me that sometimes you must do things that you don’t feel like doing.

For instance, my soccer style was the Brazilian samba. If you watched me play, you might have thought I was from Brazil. In the old days, Yugoslav soccer players were called “the Brazilians of Europe.” Being Yugoslavian myself, I tried to play like those Yugoslavs of old. In this style of play, winning was important but how you won was even more so. Scoring goals of beauty was a must if you wanted to be considered a real player. To be able to do so, practicing soccer skills to enhance my style sacrificed the conditioning element required in playing soccer for a full 90 minutes.

I loved to play soccer but found running for conditioning boring. Even today, when I run 30 to 45 minutes, I do so barefoot with a soccer ball to make it more interesting. It is my way of still keeping disciplined in my conditioning. MORE

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