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Why have we been busy working on acquiring links from sites with great authority to our websites, we will focus on how we can ensure that people having high valued website want our attention and want to talk more and more about our site. It does not matter whether that person on site A or B speaks about us: If he/she is talking about us. This shift of Page Rank to Social Rank would not be possible without the development of the semantic web. It may result in all of our now-still-standing social profiles in a social ranking. I call the Social Position, but that is often referred to as Rank by Google.

The semantic web: the basics

In 2012, there were strong steps to act on the information on the web. More meaningful, Google has so Micro-data from schema.org already definitively embraced in 2011, and the application is deepened this year. For the less technical among us, we can now specify directly on the screen of the browser the significance of the information with Google Data Highlighter which we even got nothing to do with programming. The results of this development we begin to see in the search results are already clear. 

We see that now such as pictures of authors, asterisks at pages with reviews, is a rule with additional information with personal data (e.g. LinkedIn results), prices of products, etc. All this is made possible because we are now the robots that our site’s visits (including the search engine Google is usually the most important) are to explain what the information means exactly. This allows Google to better understand the information and results what we call-enriching. This is fine, we can now bring our search results after emphatic attention, but the impact of this development goes infinitely beyond. In 2013 we will do even more effect, including the scoring positions of our sites in Google.

The semantic web: the real power

The big jump is in the fact that we cannot just assign the information on a page meaning (example: these are the details of a person, and this his name, address, employer, etc.), but also that these meanings may grant in the form of relationships between different pages. We can already indicate that the author of this page is the Google Plus’s profile page. So now Google can link-in the various publications of the same person, on different websites around, however, take into account the coupling of the different person belonging to the same profile pages, not just on Google Plus, but also on other important social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. All of our social activities (provided that are public, of course) can then be linked and therefore analyzed. Within the field of search engine optimization, we will see a shift of PageRank towards something like a Social Position: where previously the authority of a page was central, persons represented by their social characteristics (e.g. number and quality of followers, connections, friends etc. and +1' s, likes, `comments), come to be much more central. Where previously a referral backlink from a page with high authority had a strong positive impact on our scoring positions, we have to ensure that people are going to speak (in their articles, tweets, posts, etc with high authority about our site now).

What is to do in 2013?

In 2013 we will be so challenged going to invest in both the knowledge and techniques in order at all to sail single on this semantic development and further in strengthening our Social Rank in the specific area in which we take the top search engine positions. And even more than was the case in 2012, begins at the latter offering by people actually appreciated and added information, not only on its own site, but also outside.

What do you think of this development? Positive? Negative? And why? Your comment below is greatly appreciated!

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